LMP Calendar Relaunch News

Deadline for pre-launch submissions: November 20, 2021

his is an announcement we’ve been looking forward to for a while. You may know that we’ve been working with a group of extraordinary volunteer software engineers, led by Shaya Lyon, Nick Pozoulakis, and Rob Gibson, to bring a new website to fruition. The site will launch — at last! — soon after Thanksgiving.

The new LMP homepage

Here are few things to know about the launch:

  • First — and most importantly — concert submissions are on hold from roughly November 21 to November 29, 2021. The calendar will be in read-only mode as we migrate the entire calendar (yes, all 7 years) to our new website. If you’re planning to submit performances that will take place during this period, please submit them by November 20, 10pm (Pacific), so that we can get them onto the calendar in time.
  • Second, beginning on launch day, calendar coverage for in-person events will expand beyond the Seattle area, to venues across the US and around the world. We’re grateful for your patience and enthusiasm as we worked toward this capability.

On the new site, you’ll see a streamlined event submission process, new search filters, improved repertoire tagging, support for online and hybrid event listings, and a clean redesign.

Beyond any one feature, we’re excited for the increased growth and flexibility that the new site will bring us. Our staff will be able to do more to amplify the work of the arts community with editorial tools, search engine optimization, and regional support.

Stay tuned for the launch announcement after Thanksgiving. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!

– Megan & Shaya



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