LMP Website Release notes — 2/6/2022

A new filter for free concerts, repertoire improvements, and more.

Live Music Project
2 min readFeb 7, 2022

Here are the latest updates to our website as of February 6, 2022. Big thanks to our volunteer software developers and testers for this last month of work.

New features

You can now filter for free concerts on the search results page:

When deleting a performance, you’ll see a message asking for confirmation:

Try deleting a performance — you’ll be prompted to confirm the deletion.


  • Repertoire drag-and-drop no longer causes two identical items in the rep
  • URLs with “free” in the slug now load the performance details, instead of the free concert list
  • Adding a trailing slash on on certain page URLs will now load the page properly instead of showing a 404 error
  • Extra commas have been removed from the export file when a venue does not have a locality (city)
  • Website URLs on the performance page wrap nicely and don’t saunter off the edge of the page
  • Site no longer throws 500 error if GeoIP service fails

Please let us know if you have any questions or feature requests, or if you notice anything quirky on the site!

Cheers from Seattle,

LMP product manager